Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Healing | Mobile Massage & Reflexology

Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Healing | Mobile Massage & Reflexology



A synergistic blend...

of a restorative foot and calf massage and the awakening of energy pathways through stimulation of reflex points on the feet. Receiving a foot reflexology massage can not only help the body to let go of tension and improve circulation. Reflexology can be a powerful tool in feeling more balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally and make a big difference in the quality of life, especially if it is experienced regularily. 

‚ÄčSome areas may be sensitive to touch. This gives us information. Often, during sessions, I feel little nodules, a texture like rice grains under the skin while working on the bottom of the feet. They can feel sensitive, even painful.¬†Eunice D. Ingham, referred to many as the mother of reflexology, describes these small hardened nodules as calcified nerve endings. Their location can indicate which organ or part of the body is struggeling and not getting enough life force.

When worked on over several sessions, the calcified areas can begin to break up. Freed up nerve endings and open energy pathways mean space for energy and blood to flow.  Think of grounding barefoot outside - when the congested nerve terminals are addressed, the electrical contact between the energy pathways and the ground is more condusive and we can receive the full flow of Gaia's healing energy.

Foot reflexology is truly powerful and can offer many helpful benefits such as lowering pain, improving sleep quality and relieving weariness. Life is coming back into the body :-)

It can also be of great benefit if you are experiencing

  • menstruating pain
  • migraines
  • leg cramps
  • hormone imbalances
  • asthma
  • fatigue and depression

A series of reflexology sessions can often lead to positive shifts on all planes - physicall, mentally and emotionally.