Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Healing | Mobile Massage & Reflexology

Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Healing | Mobile Massage & Reflexology


Holistic Mobile Massage in Nanaimo and Parksville, BC

A Melding of Intuition and Skill, Knowledge and Energy

I invite you into a nurturing space to experience a felt-sense of yourself and the magic of subtle shifts. 

My intuition, skill and intention guides me to 'stuck' areas. This allows my hands to have a 'conversation' with that area to help bring it back into flow with the rest of the body.   

A Marriage of Relaxation, effective Bodywork and increased Body Awareness

The foundation of each massage session is the weaving together of skill, knowledge, energy and intuition to answer the call of what your body needs to restore balance and coherence. My innate intention is set to connect with your muscles, your fascia - your whole being - through touch that honors the laws of nature. 

This means 'listening' with my hands and
offering strokes, pressure, pace and holds in an attuned and non-threatening way as stimuli that work with your body and engage the brain. Stuck muscles and fascia can then soften, relax and re-hydrate.  Discomfort and pain that arises from knots, adhesions and holding patterns due to trauma, injuries or immobility can begin to release when flow is brought back into the tissue.

I intuitively combine
Myofascial Release, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Structural Integration to help your body self-correct. This ripples over into all other planes.  

No matter where you are at and regardless of your degree of mobility, we can find ways that will allow you to feel comfortable and supported during the massage. That can mean propped up and supported on my comfortable extra wide massage table, in a chair, an armchair or right on the bed - seated, on the back, on the belly or in side-lying position. ​  

You can connect with me to book an appointment at 250-739 2932 or