Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Therapy | Mobile Massage & Reflexology | Bowen 

Christine Mayers | Craniosacral Therapy | Mobile Massage & Reflexology | Bowen 


Craniosacral Healing

The soul of man with all the streams of pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia of his body ~ A. Taylor Still

Through gentle 'listening' touch we connect with the craniosacral fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This fluid moves in a wave like rhythm that is unique to each one of us and at the deepest level of our being.

By interacting with this fluid, the body is able to relax deeply. Restrictions that are held in the body can release. We are holding space so that the body's innate wisdom can express itself and self-correct, re-integrate trauma and shock and harmonize all levels of experience.   

Sessions (Mobile)

At the beginning of your first session we spend some time talking about what you would like to share with me regarding your current state of health and wellbeing, and any concerns or questions you might have. If you are often overwhelmed by difficult emotions or physiological responses, we can also talk about that. 

If you have gone through painful past experiences or traumas, you may tell me as much or as little as you wish.  It is not required that you share details of your past experiences, but you are of course very welcome to speak about anything you feel is important.

During the session, you are lying down on the support of my comfortable massage table and remain fully clothed, with a blanket or covering if you like. 

I center myself and start by making a light hand contact at your ankles and sitting quietly to notice how your body system responds.

After the contact at your ankles your body will usually showe me where is best to contact next. For example, that could be the knees, diaphragm or a shoulder. The session will often finish with me contacting the head or shoulders, but it depends on what your body needs on that day.

The way of how I contact your body is through neutral listening with my hands and observing/sensing into your system. Being with it. This creates a feeling of safety and you may notice that your whole body begins to relax and settle. You might also become aware of feelings and physical sensations or feel the movement of your unique craniosacral rhythm and small adjustments inside of you. 

I may ask you what you are noticing and offer space for you to share anything that may be happening for you and that you may be noticing.  

The benefits of Craniosacral Therapy touch on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically. Subtle shifts often happen and the relaxation can be profound. It is in this state of relaxation and nervous system calm that the body can self-heal and self-correct.