𖦹 Christine Mayers


𖦹 Christine Mayers



About Me

"When a man has learnt within his heart what fear and trembling mean, he is safeguarded against any terror produced by outside influences."

The above quote from the Chinese I Ching Oracle describes a "felt" core revelation that I have had and its actualization to me feels like the red thread I am following in this life time. 

On my own journey, which began with feeling confused, lost and disconnected from my own body, there has been a shift to more clarity and empowerment through connecting with my intuition and understanding how my mind works. It continues to be a humbling and rewarding process. I realize that we were born into a broken system and that now is the time to re-connect again. With ourselves, Gaia, to each other and the rest of the Universe. 

I have seen and experienced that receiving a mindful massage, integrating body-based practices and harmonizing our mind-gut connection offers fuel for holistic transformation into more lightness, more health and a new more connected way of being.   

For me, all of these angles and other areas that keep revealing themselves to me (Internal Family Systems, Feldenkrais, Understanding the Effects of Trauma and Abuse, Systems Thinking, Nutrition and Gut-Brain Health, Attachment Styles, Somatic Experiencing, Nervous System Care and Carl Jung's Cognitive Functions) offer to be little big pieces of a Mandala to Reconnection and Thriving.

"Your abuse made you a natural" - Cal Lightman in Lie to Me Season 01E05

Through my holistic offerings and intuitive life coaching, these facets and my natural sensitivity flow into guiding and empowering you in your unique healing and integration process. 

I draw from a diverse background (American Studies, Intercultural Communication, Early Childhood Development, Yoga Nidra, Massage Modalities, Trauma Counseling, Health and Nutrition Counseling, Somatic Bodywork...) and I am always learning.

However, I feel the revelations, skills and insights I am continuously gaining through my own intimate journey as a sensitive being and my experience with abuse, depression grief, anxiety, health challenges and exploration of my own nervous system as a guide is what I feel most enabled by in my ability to respond to the spoken and unspoken needs of those who seek me out. 

My passion and ever-evolving work is the intuitive melding of connecting touch, relaxation, energy and fascial release to help harmonize all realms of experience - the physical, emotional, mental and energetic. To offer gentle impulses to help create space for energy to flow and for the body to self-correct.     

I live in Lantzville on Vancouver Island and feel blessed to see the sky, the ocean, trees, mountains and animals every day.   

Some of the Trainings that Continue to Shape Me and My Work

Sharon Wheeler ScarWork (with Andrea Clusen, Germany)

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy (with Kari Toft, Vancouver)

Somatic Movement Coach (with Martha Peterson, Calgary)

Certificate in Trauma Counseling (with Ann Bale, Calgary)

Certificate in Massage Therapy (Tao Health Academy, Germany)

Bowen Therapy Practitioner (with Jonathan Damonte, BC)

Somatic Interventions For Chronic Pain (with Peter Levine, online)

Myofascial Release (with Denny Paccagnan, Calgary)

Fascial Fitness Trainer (with Lesley Hoey, Fascial Training Academy)