◎⃝⃘ Christine Mayers    Mobile Massage ~ Bowen Therapy ~ Intuitive Coaching              

◎⃝⃘ Christine Mayers    Mobile Massage ~ Bowen Therapy ~ Intuitive Coaching              


Colors of Soothing Touch for the Soul

Restorative Relaxation Massage

A portal into deep relaxation and connection. In consideration of your sharing and wishes before we begin with your massage, I let my hands guide me, ultimately following the energy that presents itself. Encapsuled in each movement a fusion of knowledge and intuition that seems to know what to do. Tension is given the opportunity to transform into lightness and flexibility.

A renewed-sense of self-connection can arise from within and clarity gained through feeling grounded back in your body. This massage offers to be a window into the space of no time where healing and regeneration happens deep inside. From beta to alpha, from fight-flight freeze to beingness and from mind chatter to embodiment.

This massage can be tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Organic essential oils can be incorporated if desired.

60 Minutes $80.00    90 Minutes $110.00 (includes travel time and GST)

Integrated Bowen Massage

A massage that seamlessly integrates ‘Bowen Moves’ (the foundational rolling movements over fascia, muscle and tendons of Bowen Therapy) with Restorative Relaxation Massage. As such it blends together relaxing intuitive massage strokes and specific sequences of intentional neuromuscular rolling movements. ‘Bowen Moves’ gently open up the body by sending signals to the brain to relax muscular holding patterns and areas of tightness through shifting the nervous system out of a stress-response into a balanced state. Now, relaxation can be experienced at a deeper level, as areas of constriction, such as tightness in the shoulder or hamstrings, or tension causing pain in the back are released. 

You can think of Integrated Bowen Massage as a relaxing, holistic and effective way of balancing the body via the nervous system and fascial web that allows for restrictions to ease and emotions and thoughts to shift. After you get up from the table and walk around a bit, you may find that you feel lighter, move with more ease and that areas of tension and pain have improved or resolved. As your body continues to work’ with the information and gentle impulses offered during the massage in the days following, you can support this process by drinking enough water, moving gently and ideally taking a few days off from strenuous activities or other therapies.   

Foot Massage & Reflexology

A harmonious blend of a deeply restorative foot massage and the awakening of energy pathways through the gentle stimulation of reflex points on the feet.  Profound relaxation of the whole body and mind can be experienced through this massage. Feeling this connection with our feet can be a wonderful grounding experience bringing us back in the body. You may not only feel muscle and overall body tension melt away during a foot reflexology massage, but also witness the tension around your organs 'drop' catapulting you into a state of deep beingness.

Receiving a foot reflexology massage can help the body to let go of tension and stress, improve circulation by increasing oxygen and nutrition to the cells, improve nerve and body supply, restore balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. This massage can be experienced in a comfortable chair or laying down on a massage table.

A calming and purifying foot bath preceding the massage (contained within it a blend of natural helpers such as magnesium, essential oils, himalayan salt and baking soda) sets the stage for a restorative and attuned experience. 

NOTE: Plantar Fasciatis is an inflammation of the fascia along the bottom of the foot that connects to the heel bone and toes and is a common issue for many people. In this case, a combination of Bowen 'Moves' and massage can be combined and are often very helpful in alleviating the pain and initiating the healing process. 

45 Minutes $50.00    60 Minutes $75.00 (includes travel time and GST)

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage has its roots in the Polynesian Islands where it developed as an indigenous practice over hundreds of years. The image that comes to mind is that of wave. In fact, the hallmark of a Lomi Lomi massage are strokes done with the hands and forearms. And these sweeping strokes may feel, much like long, rolling waves traveling along the body - waves that without beginning or end. Waves that are gently washing over you and that may remind you of how home must feel like. 

Weaved deeply into this ancient practice is the wisdom of Polynesian natives and their connection to spirit. And so what *flows* into the healing art of a Lomi Lomi massage is the consciousness for sacred connection, the interconnectivity of life and the maturity of the practitioner. 

60 Minutes $80.00    90 Minutes $110.00 (includes travel time and GST)

SomaSense Massage

SomaSense Massage harnesses the power of SLOW to bypass the mind and access our living body through slow and intentful touch and movements. Anything that we do slowly wakes up our brain to a greater depth of experience. This massage can create a deep and refreshing new level of connection with one's body via the activation of our felt sense through feeling sensations in the body.

Through slow strokes and touch our body becomes 'feelable' to us (again). Some describe this as feeling grounded back in the body and coming home to oneself.

Slow strokes and touch are weaved together with slightly faster strokes and touch mimicking the nature of nature - the ebb and flow of life, the waves of life on earth, expansion and contraction, the always swinging pendulum.

60 Minutes $80.00    90 Minutes $110.00 (includes travel time and GST)

R.E.S.E.T. - Relaxing the Jaw, Balancing the TMJ and the Rest of the Body

R.E.S.E.T. stands for Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint.

It is a simple system of touch rooted in kinesiology to help balance the jaw and the body through a sequence of gentle touch on specific areas in the face and neck to allow the muscles, nerves and ligaments of the jaw to relax, so the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) can reset.

The slightest tension in the jaw can alter the 'normal balanced' position of the TMJ and cause confused electrical messages to be relayed throughout the body. This can impact the muscular and nervous system and our body’s ability to use water.

During an accident, dental trauma and chronic stress, our jaw muscles tighten to protect the brain and spine, the sacroiliac and pelvic structures and to hold the head and face together. Often the jaw is still carrying the muscular tension and emotional memory after the 'thread' is over and what was once a protective response has become chronic tension. Due to chronic stress, our jaw is also likely to be tight and can adversely affecting our posture, digestion and chronic pain.

Resetting the TMJ can have far-reaching impact on symptoms such as


Jaw Pain


Ear Pressure

Migraines and headaches

Whole body muscular tension

Trigeminal nerve pain

Joint pain

Learning difficulties

Bladder problems

Referred pain to face, neck, eyes, ears, etc.

All are affected by the integrity and balance of the TMJ.

When the jaw muscles are relaxed, the rest of the body can also relax and re-organize.

During a R.E.S.E.T. session, energetic information is directed through the muscle, nerves and ligaments in the jaw while the receiver is comfortably lying fully clothed on their back on a massage table. It seems that the full balancing effects of R.E.S.E.T. can best unfold with two sessions, approximately one week apart.

2 x 45 minutes   $120.00 (including GST and travel time)

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