◎⃝⃘ Christine Mayers    Mobile Massage ~ Bowen Therapy ~ Intuitive Coaching              

◎⃝⃘ Christine Mayers    Mobile Massage ~ Bowen Therapy ~ Intuitive Coaching              



... the place you feel the most comfortable and safe to receive a massage is in your own home. Or perhaps, you are spending time away from home in a hotel or vacation rental on Central Vancouver Island and would love to experience a deeply restorative massage or balancing bodywork?

I am Mobile, so You don't Have to Be!

Nanaimo to Qualicum

I will arrive with a comfortable thick-cushioned massage table, soft sheets, gentle music, natural oils and lotions, and an array of essential oils. I will set up in an area that provides you with a bit of privacy and feels the most comfortable to you. Areas in your home that work great include a spare bedroom, master bedroom, basement, and living room.

'Healing is not a Science, but the Intuitive Art of Wooing Nature' 

~ W.H.Auden

We are all very different. We have unique needs at any given moment and we can truly relax and flourish when we feel safe.

Saint Frances de Sales said nothing is as strong as gentleness, and nothing so gentle as real strength. Being someone finely attuned to the welcomed shifts of energy in my own body when I experience touch that feels gentle and safe, I also welcome my seemingly inherent gentleness and energetic receptivity to guide me in creating a safe and nourishing massage experience for you that leaves you feeling deeply restored and re-aligned in your body and mind. 

My Intention

◎⃝⃘ Meeting you where you are at and responding to what bubbles up for you during our session together while following a fusion of knowledge and intuition to support you.

◎⃝⃘ Helping create the soil for your body’s intrinsic ability to restore goodness.

◎⃝⃘ Take time before your massage to give space to anything that wants to be shared, how your body is feeling and if there is anything it needs.

Through my own journey and felt-awakenings, I have come more and more into understanding and integration that the body holds our experiences. Many of us feel inside the effects of insecure attachment, sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Opening up to human touch can be a big deal. Perhaps, this is your first massage? All of you is welcome. We can explore any questions and thoughts that may be on your mind together.  


Organicity and honoring the flow of nature fills all aspects of my offerings, including the use of natural oils and soft flannel sheets that were laundered with an organic fragrance free detergent and that underwent probiotic treatment, the new generation of effective and 'pro-life' cleaning.  

Learn About My Mobile Massage Offerings 

Colors of Soothing Touch for the Soul

Restorative Relaxation Massage

A portal into deep relaxation and connection. In consideration of your sharing and wishes before we begin with your massage, I let my hands guide me, ultimately following the energy that presents itself. Encapsuled in each movement a fusion of knowledge and intuition that seems to know what to do. Tension is given the opportunity to transform into lightness and flexibility.

A renewed-sense of self-connection can arise from within and clarity gained through feeling grounded back in your body. This massage offers to be a window into the space of no time where healing and regeneration happens deep inside. From beta to alpha, from fight-flight freeze to beingness and from mind chatter to embodiment.

This massage can be tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Organic essential oils can be incorporated if desired.

60 Minutes $80.00    90 Minutes $110.00 (includes travel time and GST)